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PM O'Neill slams Sir Mekere over his calls for 2017 Elections Inquiry

PM Peter O'Neill 
The Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill  has slammed comments by the Member for Moresby North-West following his call for a commission of inquiry into the 2017 National Elections.

“It is again disappointing to see Sir Mekere Morauta stoop to a new low in a desperate attempt to draw attention to himself,” Prime Minister said.

“His call for a commission of inquiry into the 2017 election is desperate and clueless. “He will do anything to take cheap shots and this is his latest nonsense.

“The reality is that the People’s National Congress Party lost 50 per cent of our members in the last election, so how can he talk about elections being rigged.

“At the same time, Sir Mekere is the only leader who has ever lost more than 90 percent of his MPs in the election, and that leaves him a lot to be bitter about.
“He says the elections were rigged, well does that explain his own election as an outsider in Moresby North-West?

“The last thing the people of Moresby North-West needed was a bitter and tired former leader who had almost no connection to the electorate.

“When it comes to the 2017 elections, no one is particularly interested in what Mekere Morauta says, because this was one of the most peaceful elections in our history.

“While it was unfortunate there were problems in some areas after the vote took place, this was one of the most peaceful elections in many years.

“In his statement Mekere says that Papua New Guinea is not a parliamentary democracy. “What nonsense is that? Papua New Guinea has one of the most active and stable parliaments in the region.

“Mekere draws his claims from a report by an ANU academic.

“Just because an academic releases a political statement, it does not mean it has credibility.”

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