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Three political parties sign MOU ahead of the election of Solomon Islands Prime Minister

Three political parties parties in Solomon Islands have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tuesday ahead of the election of the Prime Minister to be announced by Governor General soon.

They are Democratic Alliance Party led by wing leader Jeremiah Manele, Kadere party led by John Maneniaru and Our Party led by Manasseh Sogavare.

The idea behind the MOU is to maintain the core group behind the caretaker Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) led by outgoing Prime Minister, Rick Hou, says an insider.

“Most members of the caretaker government decided to stay together.

“This is the reason why DAP three members signed up with Kadere and Our Party,” the insider said.

However the insider said DAP has a slim chance to lead the coalition group because it has only three members namely Manele, Hou and Dr Culwick Togamana.

As such, the leadership of the coalition group will fall upon Kadere and Our Party.

“The Prime Minister’s nomination will be up for grabs between Sogavare of Our Party and Maneniaru of Kadere party,” the insider said.

Kadere has 8 members that won their seats in the April 3 election.

Our Party, which was endorsed by the Political Party Commission on Tuesday, has attracted most of the 21 Independent members that won in the election.

However, the situation is still fluid as the six political parties that planned to form the grand coalition government have claimed about 27 members to form the government as well.

In the coming weekend and next week, the political lobbying between the two groups is expected to intensify as they aim to solidify their numbers for the election of the PM’s post.


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