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Western Province MPs welcome PNGSDP’S Court Victory In Singapore

Press release

The Governor for Western Province, Hon Taboi Awi Yoto and the three Open Members for the province, Hon. James Donald, Hon. Sekie Agisa and Hon. Roy Biyama, today congratulated the PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd on its comprehensive win against the Government in the High Court of Singapore.

The Members said: "We also congratulate the Member for Moresby North-West, former Prime Minister and former SDP chairman, Sir Mekere Morauta, for leading the fight to preserve the company for the benefit of our province now and into the future."

"His foresight in creating PNGSDP and building walls around it to protect its operations and assets, especially the money in the Long Term Fund, has given the people of Western Province the base for a more certain future."
The findings of the court leave no doubt that PNGSDP is an independent company well insulated from outside control or influences, including political interference.

"It's principle objective is to use the Long Term Fund for sustainable development in the Western Province. We strongly support that, and we wish to protect that."

"We urge the Prime Minister to accept that PNGSDP does not belong to the national government; its duty is legally and morally to the people of Western Province. We urge the Prime Minister to stop attacking PNGSDP and to work with the Directors and the Provincial Government to ensure that the interest income from the Long Term Fund is spent to achieve development and change in the Western Province.

"We are pleased that the court case is finally over. The Government should accept the decision and stop wasting money on further legal action which will not only be fruitless but will also continue to cost both the Government and the company millions of Kina in legal fees."
Victory in Singapore allows PNGSDP to start planning and spending the annual interest it receives from the 5 billion kina investments of the Long Term Fund on social and economic development in the province.

" We know that the Long Term Fund can only be spent after mine closure, but there is sufficient interest income for PNGSDP to increase its spending and visibility in the province."

"People are dying from preventable diseases, children are not being educated properly, other services such as road accessibility, power, water, banking and communications are inadequate, our infrastructures is falling apart, law and order is failing, and we have so many other problems."

"With the court case over, PNGSDP is now again free to support our needs and ambitions, so our people can see and benefit from the company's programs."

"We also want PNGSDP to bring it's management back onshore, so that it can work more closely with the people of the province, the LLGs, the Provincial Government, and us as national MPs."

The Singapore decision gives PNGSDP a secure base to expand its activities and increase its presence in the province."
"We as Members of Parliament and the Provincial Government are ready and look forward to working with PNGSDP."

Port Moresby 13/04/2019


Hon. Taboi Awi Yoto, Governor Western
Hon. Roy Biyama, MP Middle Fly, CS Minister
Hon. Sekie Agisa, MP South Fly
Hon. James Donald, MP North Fly.

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