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Opposition calls for Support from ENB leaders

The Opposition Leader and Member for Aitape Lumi Patrick Pruaitch called on New Britain members of parliament to uphold the good reputation of their predecessors who put the interest of the country first instead of shielding greed and individualism.

“Mr Pruaitch said, “Despite the limited level of education at the time, leaders of East New Britain like the late Oscar Tamur,Michael Toliman and Ereman ToBaining put the interest of their New Britain people first. They did not rally to protect individuals but supported the development of their people in the decisions they took in the lead up to our Independence. The pride of East New Britain stemmed from their strong stance and leadership.

“Later on, East New Britain saw a distinguished leader,Sir Rabbie Namaliu become the fourth prime minister of Papua New Guinea. He is regarded as a senior statesman today and a man of integrity in our country. He has departed from politics but will always be fondly remembered.

“I appeal to this new generation of leaders from East New Britain to listen to the cries of your people and make a positive mark in our history by supporting Opposition members of parliament to change Prime Minister O’Neill."
“Our economy cannot endure for much longer the exorbitant levels of borrowing and excessive and ostentatious infrastructure, like APEC House that reap little to no economic returns. As I have stated previously many jobs have been lost during the reign of Prime Minister O’Neill. He has eroded the capacities of many of our state institutions through his constant meddling and manipulation. He is amassing personal wealth like never before seen in our political history.

“Promises by the O’Neill Government in disaster relief for East New Britain never eventuated. Yet you declare loyalty to this government and its leader. Principles of loyalty are misplaced and meaningless when the cause is parochial and leads to a further downward spiral in the living conditions and standards of our people. What more demise do you want your people to endure for you to do the right thing by them today? 

“The support of New Britain MPs in this tyranny will inevitably lead to your political demise in 2022 if you do not do what is right in your hearts for your people to move away from this man who is putting his own interest first and not that of the country.

“For the sake of this country’s future and the good of our children I urge, members for Kokopo (Emil Tamur), Gazelle (Jelta Wong), Pomio (Elias Kavapore) and your Governor (Nakikus Konga) to truly represent the interest of your proud people and vote with Opposition to free our country from this peril.

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