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People Should decide in 2022, says PNG Prime Minister O'Neill

PNG Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill, says the people should decide in the 2022 general election – and not prior to that – if they want a change in Government.

It may be the people will want someone else to govern the nation as the People’s National Congress party has done enough, he said.

“And we will respect that because that is the will of the people,” O’Neill said.

“The PNC won 27 seats in 2012 and 29 seats in 2017. And we have to respect the mandate of the people.

“The mandate comes once every five years (when you choose) your Government and your leader.”

He said what was needed now was stability so that development and progress could continue.
“I can tell you our economy (has been) growing for the last 16 years,” he said.

“We have the confidence of the international business community.

“The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union and International Monetary Fund are coming to us after 18 years to give us money. And that is why stability is important.”

He said he did not want to remain prime minister “for years and die in this chair”.

“I will go some day and somebody else will take over and the country will continue.

“So it is important that we maintain stability in the delivery of Government policies.”

O’Neill said the work done over the past seven years “is very visible across the country”.

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