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PM O'Neill will not resign until Court interprets the rules on VoNC

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has stated that he will visit the Governor General after the rules of possible votes of no confidence are established by the Supreme Court.

O'Neill said as the Government, they have an obligation to ensure that correct processes and the rule of law is followed.

"I am seeking the Supreme Court's interpretation of relevant legislation to ensure proper guidelines are set and followed, and this is in the interest of all parties."

O'Neill says until the Court fully interprets all these, he will not visit the Governor General as yet.

O'Neill made this recent statement after announcing yesterday his intention of resigning as Prime Minister.

Meanwhile , the Opposition camp has called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to resign immediately to avoid being voted out in a non-confidence motion when Parliament resumes tomorrow.

Tari-Pori MP James Marape said the vote of no-confidence against O’Neill by the Opposition, which now has a majority in Parliament of 63 MPs, would still go ahead as planned.

Marape was responding to the decision by O’Neill to step down “in the coming days” and handing over the rein to Sir Julius Chan as prime minister. Marape said O’Neill had no authority to appoint a prime minister.

He said Sir Julius was not a minister in O’Neill’s Cabinet and his announcement to step down and be replaced by Sir Julius was a “clown act done at Clown Camp”.

FM100/ PNG Today

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