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Governors slam PM O'Neill's move to get Injunction Application on VoNC

Former Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan and (3) other eminent political figures are jointly opposing Court application to delaying the vote on a Motion of No Confidence launched today.

Sir Julius, who Prime Minister O’Neill nominated on Sunday to replace him, is reacting to Mr O’Neill’s decision to invoke legal proceedings to stop the handover.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop 
Sir Julius said the sudden decision by the Prime Minister to apply for an injunction to stop the transition is against the national interest.

“There is a definite mood for change in the country,” Sir Julius said.

“We met that mood with a decision yesterday, and that decision should stand,” Sir Julius said.

“Parliament should go ahead and vote on the new leadership this week without any attempt at interference with the democratic process.

“Court proceedings will just delay the inevitable, and will risk stalling important programs and changes that will be for the good of the country.”

Governor Wingti said he endorsed the comments by Sir Julius.

“I support the decision to nominate Sir Julius, and call on the Parliament to be able to vote on it this week,” Governor Wingti said.

“We should stand by our agreement and so be able to reassure the citizens of this country and our friends overseas that we are a stable, democratic nation with a prosperous future." said NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop, a prominent 3rd term Member of Parliament and human rights Lawyer before he entered the Parliament in 2007.

“The people want their elected representatives to make their decision on the leadership and composition of a government that will lead the country into the future. The decision to go to the Courts to resolve a political dispute would dismay the PNG people, who wants a smooth transition” he added.

We call on our colleague, Prime Minister O’Neill to leave behind a positive legacy by withdrawing any move to delay a Parliamentary vote on who is to succeed him.

Governor for Madang Peter Yama said he fully endorsed the sentiments expressed by former Prime Ministers Sir Julius Chan and Pais Wingti, and urged Parliament to deal with the issue of transition immediately rather than delaying it in any way particularly through the Courts.

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