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PNG Politics updates : Prime Minister O'Neill goes to court over looming VoNC

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has initiated Supreme Court Proceedings to seek clarification on the Constitution and legal processes in relation to processed Vote of No Confidence.  Mr.O'Neil is seeking the courts interpretation of the law despite he announced stepping down of  as the country's Prime Minister on Sunday.

PM O’Neill said as a result of events over past weeks, which have led to confusion in the Constitutional process regarding the withdrawal of a Notice of Motion of No Confidence, he has filed a Section 18 (1) Application to the Supreme Court as to the interpretation of Sections 99, 111, 142 and 145 of the Constitution.

Section 18(1) allows any ordinary citizen to file a Supreme Court reference if he or she is aggrieved about Constitutional matters.

In the statement he said: “The recent lodgement and subsequent withdrawal of a motion for a vote of no confidence is unprecedented in the history of our Parliament.”.

“The lodgement of a Motion of No Confidence is a serious constitutional process.

“This is being treated disrespectfully as a negotiating tool in a numbers game, and the position of Prime Minister should not be able to be offered as a bribe to cross the floor of Parliament.

“As the Government we have an obligation to ensure that correct processes and the rule of law is followed.

“I am seeking the Supreme Court’s interpretation of relevant legislation to ensure proper guidelines are set and followed, and this is interest of all parties.

“This is important in the current situation where parties not mandated by the people are seeking to intervene and change the rules and provisions in the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

“These applications are necessary to prevent any legal motions that are an abuse of integrity laws and the Constitution,” he said.


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