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Government will not protect MPs, Department Heads implicated in Corruption, says PM Marape

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape says he will not hide anyone in his government for what has happened in the past.

PNG PM James Marape 
“I will not be hiding anyone behind my government. Every one of us,leaders included, must stand to face the rule of law in our country,” Prime Minister Marape said.

PM Marape said this when talking about law and order issues and weeding out corruption, nepotism and wantok system.   

He said one of the first things is to bring the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) bill to the floor parliament to address these underline issues.

He said what has transpired in the past for corruption and other instances of abuse of office that he will see to it that everyone is free of systematic abuse. 

“I will be ensuring that the Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill is brought to parliament to save our nation from wastages through corruption, nepotism,wantok system and many wasted opportunities that we've seen in the past.”

“Our society must be free of systematic abuse from corruption. Every one of us have the right to talk about these issues,” PM Marape said.

“What has happened in the past will not be hidden by my government. The rule of law applies to everyone.

“If you have evidence of corruption by any one of us from the highes tlevel and down the rank and file, I ask you all, do not just talk about corruption; bring the evidences forward, “ he said.

Legend FM/ PNG Today

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