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PNG PM Marape tells Ministers, Department Heads to showcase performance

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Marape  has called on  Ministers and Department Heads to showcase  how they will perform to achieve the government's vision  to make PNG the richest black Christian nation on earth.

PNG Prime Minister James Marape
"To the chief secretary, to all Secretaries of State departments, to all Managing Directors, to all CEOs, to the police and CIS commissioners, to the defence force commander, to all organizational chairmans, to all heads of organizations under public employment, I request you the following for your continual employment"

"Tell me as to how you can lead your organization/department/company into contributing towards the causes of making PNG reach the goals of of our national constitution and vision 2050 that we summarizing into our catch cry of taking back our economy ( country ) and making PNG the richest black Christian nation within 10 years where no child is left behind in this country.

Next week a body of ministers will sit with me and we will collectively pick your minds, and if your mind and strategies to lead your organizations blend with us , then you in employment with the state of PNG.

Much is dependent also in public servants to translate our visions to workable strategies and all of us have a role to play to improve our country!

I have spoken much, I have written much off from my heart, I am searching for PNGean public service leaders plus others who share my views so we can work together to prosper Papua New Guinea". Marape said

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