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Spirited PNG Kumuls fall short

Papua New Guinea Kumuls went down to NRL dominated Samoan Team 24 - 6 in Sydney this evening.

The Samoans were first to score through  Jarome Luai who took advantage of spacing in the Kumuls’ ruck, sliding over for his team’s first try of the match.

PNG Kumuls fall to Samoa 6- 24  PNGFRL Photo 

Broncos Jamayne Isaako added the extras to take  a 6-point lead four minutes into the match.

On the  20 minutes mark into the match   Josh Aloiai crossed again for  Samoans’ second try.

Isaako converted the try to stay ahead by 12 points.

The Kumuls hit back  with a try from debutant Terry Wapi who cracked the Samoan defense for PNG’s first try.

Rhyse Martin converted to close the gap by 6 points through to half-time.

In the second half, the Kumuls nearly scored  through  Wapi crossing over but  was held up by desperate defence from Samoa defenders.

On the 64 minute Samoas  Junior Paulo crashed  through three Kumuls defenders to take the lead to 18-6 .

Another conversion saw the Samoans widen the margin by 12 points.

With four minutes left on the timer, five-eighth Chanel Harris-Tavita scored off his own field goal attempt when the ball bounced off the uprights and landed the in-goal.

Isaako sealed the Samoan’s win with his conversion, leaving the scores at 24-6 on full time.

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