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SP Brewery withdraws Sponsorship for PNG Artist Kania Country Tour over Social Media Post

PNG liquor producer ,South Pacific Brewery has  withdrawn sponsorship for  PNG music artist Sailas Kania's Country Tour  following a Social Media rant by the artist.

The company says it does not tolerate company or individuals who bring the company into disrepute. Mr. Kania was supposed to promote one of the company's brands during the country tour.

In a statement the company said it had “parted amicably with well renowned PNG music artist Sailas Kania” whose stage name is Saii Kay.

The decision was a result of the artist’s “negative social media post.” He posted the following message on Social Media .

The company said it: “does not condone any behavior that is offensive towards women and girls.”

“We advocate inclusion and diversity for all individuals in our communities.”

“Our reputation as a good corporate citizen has been the reason why we have been successfully doing business in Papua New Guinea since 1952 and we strive to maintain it at all cost.”

The artist is reported to have gone on social media and generally swore against people who commented about music compositions by PNG artists.

Sailas Kania
His post went viral on social media which attracted a barrage of condemnation with women taken more offence with the obscenity being used.

There were calls for boycott on Kania’s Buka tour slated for this weekend.

South Pacific Brewery said they trust Kania would learn from his experience and turn this into a positive as he has a growing fan base made up especially of young generation who look up to him to do the right thing.

The company would however continue to promote PNG Music and musicians through the Niugini Ice brand.

“The “Niugini Ice Party Started Tour will continue as planned, we thank Mr Kania for the tour thus far as the show has been hugely successful for all those involved,” the company said.

“We will be looking for a local talent to help fulfill and entertain at the remaining ICE Party Started tour events around the country.”

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