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Court orders 30-Day Recount for Hela Regional Seat

The governor of Hela Province, Philip Undialu, and his challenger in an election petition, former governor, Francis Potape, are both optimistic of winning a court-ordered recount into the election.

After two and a half years of deliberation the National Court in Waigani only ruled last Friday that a recount be conducted into the election.

The court ordered that the recount must be conducted within 30 days, and its results returned to the court for declaration.

In separate conferences with the media, both Mr Potape and the incumbent Mr Undialu have expressed confidence of coming out as winner in the recount.

Mr Undialu further called on the Electoral Commission to conduct the recount during the day, have CC-TV installed to monitor the process and further, to use both the manual and electronic counting.

Both men have also called on their supporters to keep calm and allow the court case and the election process to take its course.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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