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PNG Prime Minister Marape says he is Not Racist

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape has clarified that the Government’s slogan ‘Making PNG the richest black Christian nation in the world’ has nothing to do with racism.

Mr. Marape said it’s about Papua New Guineans journey from nothingness to something.

Mr. Marape who recently took office with his new Government, has stressed the need for the people to take control of their future with regards to the economy, land, resources among others.

"In making PNG the richest black nation on planet earth, its got nothing to do with race or whatsoever. “It’s got nothing to do with religion or whatsoever.

‘’ Everything to do with where we come from, in a state of blackness with absolutely no or no services at all to where we want to, using the Christian strategy of making it work for our people and getting it back what is there for our people.

“Many hear that statement and thought I was racist
.”40 years ago when we gain independence, 43 years ago to be exact, our people are still at the same spot in most instances. And only few of us have progressed and the few of us that had progressed including those of us who earn an employment in Port Moresby and Lae and Mt Hagen and Kokopo can never afford the luxury.

“Only few of us have progressed, because few of us progress the rest will haunt us into the future.

The prime minister further clarified that his statement on making PNG a richest black Christian nation is not about separating black from white. The statement he said is to empower the locals to progress from where they are currently.


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