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PNG Defence Force Soldier apprehended by Police in Armed Robbery Incident

PNG Police investigations into an armed robbery case involving a foreign female of Indian origin and a Chinese national had discovered that the driver of the getaway during the incident was a current serving member of the Papua New Guinea Defense Force.

The incident which occurred on the 24th of July 2019 at Erima Wildlife in the Nation’s Capital saw the twos being held at gunpoint and had their valuables stolen with K1000 cash.

The complainants, Ms Grace Harris of Indian origin who had been living in Papua New Guinea for the last 33 years and her Chinese business partner Mr Eric Seeto are gold buyers who mainly buy gold from local alluvial miners.

On the 24th of July 2019 between the 10am and 11am, some known gold sellers from ATS settlement called them both to go over and buy gold.

The two foreigners drove then to ATS and were told that the gold was being kept at Erima wildlife and from there; left along with two male nationals thinking it was true.

The two suspects then held the two foreigners at gunpoint along the way and robbed them off their valuables and K1000 cash, and even tried to steal Ms Harris’s car but were disturbed by bystanders.

The incident was reported to Gordons Police Station and police acted swiftly however the suspects managed to escape on foot into nearby settlement.

Pretending to be Ms Harris’s security guard, police used a phone to call the suspect through her stolen phone and called for a reward of K2, 000 if they can return her phone to which the suspects agreed for a meet up at Stop and Shop Waigani Central for the exchange.

The police then hired three taxis and dressed in civilian clothing, surrounded the area with a police officer hiding inside Grace’s vehicle.

A grey Toyota Mark 2 vehicle moments later pulled up next to Grace’s vehicle and two suspects got out and were walking towards Grace’s vehicle when the police officer inside got out and held the two suspects at gunpoint.

The civilian police personnel then acted surrounding the suspects’ getaway vehicle and apprehended the driver.
A homemade pistol with (4) live 5.56mm live ammunition were discovered inside the getaway vehicle during the search.

The driver of the getaway vehicle was then discovered as a current member of the PNGDF while the other two were both unemployed.

The suspects are currently in the Police lock up at Gordons Police Station awaiting formal interview.

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