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PNG Investment Conference to start in Sydney, Australia

The 2019 Papua New Guinea Investment Conference is set to start next Monday in Sydney Australia.

Hundreds of PNG based business and potential investors are expected converged in Sydney next week for this huge conference.

PNG leaders who expected to attend this conference include Commerce and Industry Minister Wera Mori who will formally represent Prime Minister James Marape.

Other Ministers includes Treasury Sam Basil, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Soroi Eoe and Minister of Works Michael Nali.

PNG High Commissioner to Australia, John Kali, has confirmed the Ministerial contingent who will be participating in the conference on the morning of Day One.

Speakers on this conference range from Petroleum and Mining sector, energy, transport, and others.

The two confirm Key-note speakers are Bernard Salt, who is the Managing Director, The Demographics Institute and Mark Pesce, who is the Futurist.

Salt and Pesce will be joined by a range of experts on business from PNG and the region.

The two-day program which starts on the 19th of August will feature a wide variety of different formats: panel discussions, question-and-answer sessions, case studies, and individual presentations.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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