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Former PM O'Neill tells Governor Undialu to leave commentary and focus on Hela

Former PNG  Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, pictured says Hela Governor Philip Undialu should focus on addressing lawlessness in his province instead of commenting on the national economy.
He made the comment after Undialu blamed his government for the country’s debt of up to K27 billion.
Undialu reportedly alleged that the previous government doctored facts about the country’s economy.
He claimed that reckless borrowing and reckless spending on inflated contracts by the previous regime had forced the current Government to slash the provincial and district services improvement programme (PSIP and DSIP) funds to prop up a supplementary budget.
“Under former prime minister Peter O’Neill’s leadership, the country incurred a total debt of up to K27billion and an additional K6billion for SOEs.
“Our debt to GDP ratio is over 37 per cent now. That’s why this government has to do some cuts (in the supplementary budget). That’s being responsible,” Undialu told The National on Monday.
O’Neill however said: “He (Undialu) has no idea what he is talking about, he is clueless on the economy and its workings.
“He should focus on issues like the presence of law and order in Hela, stop the killings of innocent people and stop misuse of provincial funds, including development levies, in his province rather than running a commentary on the economy.”

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