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Namah challenges PNG PM Marape to Explain ' Take Back PNG '

Papua New Guinea Opposition leader Belden Namah has challenged Prime Minister James Marape to explain the meaning of “take back PNG”.
“If James Marape does not explain, then it is only cargo cult language,” he said yesterday.
“I am asking, take back PNG from who? Who stole Papua New Guinea?
“Unless he explains, he will talk only with no action.
“PM Marape said ‘I will make PNG the first black richest Christian nation in 10 years’.
“My people, this is cargo cult talk,” Mr Namah said.
Mr Namah said this in his independence address to more than 3000 people of Leitre village on the east coast of Vanimo on Monday.
He said he decided to remain in the Opposition to keep the government in check.
He told the people not to blame leaders like him for not bringing services because the district budget depended on Waigani.
“Parliament cuts the pig, how they cut and share the meat is the issue,” he said.
He said K10 million DSIP was only “take”, the government gives it in drips like K1 or K2 million a year. Not the full K10 million.
“You cannot blame Belden Namah for not bringing services like hospital, schools, road and water supply,” he said, adding that Vanimo-Green was lucky because of logging and the public private partnership between government and logging companies to push through roads.
“Now the roads have reached Green River, the first time after 64 years since the first white man set foot there.
“I partnered them with K1 or K2 million,” he said.
Mr Namah said he would now focus on connecting Vanimo east coast by road and he promised to start this year with K2 million.
The Vanimo east coast villages only access to Vanimo was two hours by dinghy.
Mr Namah spent two nights in Leitre village where there is no safe clean drinking water and no telecommunications coverage.
He was given a rousing welcome on his arrival after a two-hour boat ride in choppy seas.

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