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Solomon Islands Authorities stop foreigners from smuggling out Kwila Logs

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry has successfully intervened 20 containers of Kwila round log species falsely declared as sawn timbers  and  were bound for foreign countries.

Kwila species is restricted for round log export - only sawn Kwila timber can be exported according to the Forestry Act.

It took none other than the Ministry Permanent Secretary, Dr. Vaeno Vigulu to physically inspect the containers after a tip off and ordered their confiscation at the Honiara international wharf.

Talking exclusively to SIBC News, the Permanent Secretary questions why the containers passed through the Ports security without proper documents.

Dr. Vaeno said, it took Forestry officials about two hours to retrieve Custom documents about the export consignment which were sadly falsified.

Dr. Vigulu says the Kwila containers could fetch up to more than 8-million dollars if processed.

Investigations into this attempted illegal export has started.

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