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PAC Inquiry into Bormeo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Limited gets underway

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) this afternoon kick started the introductory session of the Inquiry into procurement of medical drugs and supplies by Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Chairman of the Committee Sir John Pundari chaired the session with Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd Chairman Sir Martin Poh, Health Secretary Pascoe Kase and others in attendance.

Sir John who gave a brief background of the engagement processes for drug supplies also outlined seven areas which the inquiry will focus on and they include the history of drugs supplies for the country and how Borneo was engaged among others.

Sir John announced that Secretary Pascoe Kase will be the first to give evidence tomorrow morning at 10 am.

In an earlier statement, Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd Chairman Sir Martin Poh said that his company is ready to answer questions regarding the awarding of several contracts to the company.

Sir Martin said Borneo Pacific has recognized the government's duty to the people through a public inquiry and welcomes the decision.

He said his company has been subjected to baseless allegations for sometime now and he’s confident the process will once again clear the company's good name.

Sir Martin said Borneo has been in the process of procuring and supplying medicine in PNG for 30 years – adding that despite meeting the requirements of the tender process, the company continues to be the subject of scrutiny since it was awarded the first contract in 2013.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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