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PM Marape visits Houskrai in Tari

PNG Prime Minister James Marape arrived in Tari yesterday and paid respect to the late policeman Sergeant David Hale who was killed by gunmen last week in Hela.

The PM attended the funeral and met relatives of late Sgt Hale at Pai Police Barracks.

Marape paid his respect at the hauskrai and said he was sorry for the unfortunate death of the late cop.

He told his people upon arrival in Tari to respect policemen and public servants who serve Tari and must respect the rule of law.

Meantime the PM and his delegation flew into Komo and drove to Tari and inspected the road works.

Marape said he was happy that the delegation inspected the road condition from Komo to Tari and he wants the road from Mendi to Tari and into Komo and Korobe sealed.

(Pic: PM's Media Unit)/FM100


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