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Weapons surrendered in Bougainville dumped into the sea

Working parts, like firing pins and triggers of close to 100 weapons surrendered in south Bougainville, in Buin Town have been dumped into the sea .

79 weapons, consisting sofisticated home-made guns, military-grade 50-calibre machine guns, a mortar and other high powered guns were dismembered, certified and surrendered and contained in a heavy-sealed container and stored at the Buin Police Station.

Their working parts were removed and stored separately in another box, which was nailed shut.

This box will be disposed in the sea this afternoon, at Kangu Beach, which was the scene of the famous Kangu beach Massacre which was the turning point in the Bougainville Crisis.

The 79 weapons collected will be monumented at the Buin police station.

The south Bougainville weapons containment is the last in the autonomous region as it races to referendum polling on November 23.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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