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ABG President Momis says Referendum Vote was a protest vote to Government of PNG

The ABG President Grand Chief, DR JOHN MOMIS has told the Catholic Parishioners of HAHELA that the 98percent for Independence vote by the people of Bougainville was a protest vote by the people against the Papua New Guinea government.

Speaking after church last Sunday, President MOMIS said that if the National Government had honoured the Bougainville Peace Agreement and supported Bougainville the vote would have been different.
He said that he was not expecting such a high percentage and thanked the people for their vote which has created a political revolution in Papua New Guinea.
He said that despite all their problems of no drugs in the Health Centres and lack in basic government services the people had to psychologically liberate themselves.
The President called on the people to continue with their daily activities and wait for the consultation process to be completed by the leaders.
He said because of their vote, the leaders will discuss only around independence for Bougainville.

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