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PNG Health Minister Wong welcomes Police Investigations

Papua New Guinea Health Minister, Jelta Wong, has welcomed police investigations into allegations raised by the Public Account Committee inquiry into the procurement and distribution of medical supplies.

He said these are serious allegations and must be investigated.

Health Secretary, Pascoe Kase, also pledged his utmost support to allow the investigation to proceed immediately.

Health Minister Jelta Wong said its time to start investigation into allegations of maladministration , illegal practices and mismanagement of funds by senior officers in the Health department whose names have been released on media during the recent PAC inquiry.

He said these allegations are serious and must be thoroughly investigated in order to restore public trust and confidence.

Wong had met with Police Commissioner David Manning and his team of investigators on how best they can work together to have the investigations proceed with any hindrance.

Minister Wong said he is ready to cooperate with investigators to make sure answers , speculations and curiosity are cleared.


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