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Air Services for Remote Parts of Gulf launched

The hinterlands of Gulf Province will have greater access to air transport services with the launch of a subsidised transport scheme launched by the Governor of the province Chris Haiveta in Kerema town on Monday this week.

The services, which are run partnership with local companies Airborne Logistics and Niugini Aviation, will provide cheaper air services for local growers and farmers to fly coffee and agricultural produce from the mountain region of the province to markets in Kerema and Port Moresby. After the official launch, Governor Haiveta made the 30-minutes maiden flight into Kaintiba station, the government headquarters for the Kaintiba Rural Local Level Government to kickstart the air service, delivering a portable sawmill for the LLG.

In addressing a crowd of a mixture of young and old, Mr Haiveta said four aircrafts will be available for this service, and this includes 2 Helicopters and 2 fixed wing aircrafts.

The hinterlands of Gulf Province whose geographical setting comprise of mostly enclaves of hamlets mostly nestled on hilltops and in galleys abutted by knife edged ridges and steep gorges continue to pose great challenges for delivery of basic government services. Because of such difficulties, government services are very minimal and public infrastructure are deteriorating and visibly despicable.

The Governor is determined to see that all areas of the province are connected to government centres and that services reach the people where they are irrespective of the geographical setting to improve the conditions of government institutional buildings and houses for public servants.

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