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Governor Juffa backs PM Marape's call to remove illegal Foreigners from PNG

PNG's Northern Governor Gary Juffa has called on relevant government agencies to monitor the number of illegal immigrants entering the country.

He said the warning by Prime Minister James Marape on the illegal immigrants is timely for agencies to step up in their work.

"The Prime Minister has given his direction, but the ministers and the relevant departments have to step up and do their jobs, and if they don't they should be sacked, they should be removed.

"We should not entertain departmental heads; we should not entertain public servants who aren't doing their jobs.

"This is being the problem with this country, we entertain lazy people who don't do their jobs, and as a result, the gates of this country are wide open, you got all types of creatures creeping in and doing whatever they want," said Juffa.

Meantime, Governor Gary Juffa said Police officers in the country should refrain from protecting any logging sites and escorting logging company owners.

The governor said this following reports that police have been intimidating villagers in the Oro Province, whenever, locals raise concern on the logging exercise on their land.

"The first thing that should be done is that the Police Commissioner should issue a policy directive stating that there are to be no police escorts of company equipment or ships or whatnot and there should be no policemen on logging sites.

"Why do you have policemen there?

"If you're doing the right thing and if you're following the law, and if it’s a project that is endorsed by the provincial government and its people, you should not need policemen there brutalizing our people," Juffa said.

Northern Governor Gary Juffa a former PNG Customs Commissioner, is one of the politicians that are very vocal on illegal immigrants in the country.

He often raises concerns on illegal land grabbing by foreigners, counterfeit items entering PNG shores, foreigners involving in reserved business among others.

From previous reports, the Governor physically inspected shops owned and operated by foreigners in his province and have referred many who do not abide by the rules and regulations to police.

Governor Juffa is supporting the prime minister and is now calling on all relevant authorities and like-minded citizens to work together, identify and report illegal immigrants and their conduct in the country and have them deported.

Juffa said this is to stop foreigners from exploiting our people and their land, resources and their business opportunities.

He said PNG is a sovereign nation and it cannot continue to allow foreigners who have no respect for its laws entering and reaping this country at 'will and whim'.

The vocal governor said it’s about time, PNG stand united and fight this long-time issue of illegal immigrants in order to 'Take Back PNG'.

NBC News / PNG Today

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