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Bangladesh Man remanded for Sexual Assault in PNG's Lae city

A Bangladesh national was accused of sexually assaulting two local female employees of a shop at Papuan Compound in Papua New Guinea's second largest city of  Lae.

According to Police reports , between 1st of February to 30th of September 2019, then suspect, Howlader Ripol of Bangladesh continuously harasses two female(names being withheld) employees while working for SOMI ENTERPRISE located within the Disable Compound.

According to the statement obtained from the 19 years old victim leaving with her parents at the Disabled Compound, whilst working for the said suspect as shop assistant, she had experienced the ordeal for some time.

On numerous occasions, then suspect, Howlader Ripol, harasses the victim inside the shop whilst performing her duties.

Most times, the suspect usually watches porn videos on his cellphone and tells the victim to watch with him but the female employee refuses when realizing that the movies contains sexual contents.

In one occasion, the suspect sent the girl to the back of the shop to collect some items when he was right behind her and grabbed the victim's buttocks and was trying to remove her clothes but the victim wrestled with the suspect and managed to escape out from the shop and reported the incident to his family.

Mr. Ripol kept on preying on the girl continuously when she turns up for work every morning.

One day he grabbed the girl and tackled her onto the floor in the shop, stripped her clothes and began touching her body. Later, Mr. Ripol offered her cash to stop her from telling anyone about the incident and also threatened to terminate the ladies from work if they tell anyone about the sexual harassments.

The staffs kept the ordeal to themselves until in September 2019, the suspect told the 19 years old to do his laundry at the back of the shop, when he approach the narrow door of the laundry room naked and ordered her to remove her clothes and they could have sex. The girl refuses and rushed out of the door and quit the job afterwards.

Two weeks ago, she was asked to go back to work and she accepted the offer.

On the 10th of January 2020, she was having her bath in the shower at the work place when the suspect climbed up the toilet bowl in the next restroom and was spying on the girl.

Two days later, on the 12th of January 2020, Ripol showed his private part to the girl with her colleague and she could not bear with the continuous Sexual Harassments at the workplace so the matter was reported to the Police Criminal Investigation Division.

The victim was interrogated and the suspect was formally arrested and charged for SEXUAL ASSAULT under section 349 (1) of the PNG Criminal Code Act on the 14th of January 2020.

On the 15th of January 2020, the suspect appeared briefly before the Committal Court and was remanded at Buimo CS awaiting the Defense Council to file bail application.

His Passport has been confiscated and is with the Police.

This is a message to the general public who have been in such situation to come forward and report the matter so such people will be dealt with accordingly by the Law.

Police Media

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