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PNG Authorities shut down Entry Ports temporarily, as Coronavirus moves across the globe

The Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority has suspended all online visas, on-arrival visas  as well as overseas flights from Asia and other entry ports in the country.  The authority released the following statement.
The Coronavirus is moving across borders and we are imposing these measures as first step in our efforts to ensure this global health concern is prevented offshore.

1. Temporary suspension on Online Visas. All visitors are advised to lodge visa applications at a PNG Diplomatic Mission near you.

2. Temporary suspension of Visa on Arrival for all eligible countries.

3. Temporary shutdown of the Wutung Border Post in Vanimo, West Sepik Province by Thursday 30 January, 2020.

4. Refusal of Entry for travellers from the Asian Ports - All operating airliners and passenger vessels bringing in passengers from any Asian ports will be refused entry into the country.

5. PNG Nationals and Residents re-entering PNG from any Asian countries must go through the mandatory temperature screening and subject to Health Department requirements.

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