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PNG Offers Military Support to Australia

Prime Minister James Marape on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea has sent condolences to the people of Australia especially the relatives of the victims of the fire tragedies in Australia.

In a statement, Mr. Marape said Australia is the closest friend of PNG and is always the first in PNG in our times of adversities and thus PNG offers our hearts and hands to Australia in this time of fire-induced tragedies.

He said there has been a constant conversation recently between the Australian Prime Minister Scot Morrison and himself on PNG's engagement in this fire tragedy.

He also said if need be, PNG will give a hand upon Mr. Morrison's invitation to send 1000 combined soldiers and firefighters.

Mr. Marape also conveys to the people of Australia that many Papua New Guineans have been praying for them since the disaster first started.

NBC News / PNG Today

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