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China assists Papua New Guinea to combat COVID-19

China has given about One Million Kina to help PNG in its preparedness and response plan against COVID-19.

Chinese Ambassador to PNG, Xue Bing presented the cheque to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister, Patrick Pruaitch, in Port Moresby yesterday.

Ambassador Bing said China is supporting PNG because of the friendly gesture and support PNG had shown when China was hit hard by the pandemic.

The Ambassador also said the Chinese Province of Shenzen will also be providing 2,000 testing kits with Personal Protective Equipment.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Patrick Pruaitch, said Papua New Guinea will work closely with China in the fight against COVID-19.

Mr. Pruaitch said China is a leader amongst the world's superpowers, in an endeavour to find a cure for coronavirus, that is why the government will be working with China into the future.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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