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Senior PNG Military Officer Arrested for Drinking and Driving - Causing Accident

A senior  Papua New Guinea Defence Force military officer at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel is now in police custody facing traffic infringement charges.

According to PNG Police the officer was drinking liquor in a moving vehicle when he bumped a police car which was on routine patrol at the 9 mile roundabout today.

The army officer who was in the company of four civilians is also facing charges of resisting police arrest. The Military Heirachy was informed of this for Military Police to also attend at Four Mile Traffic.

As a matter of transparency, Military Police were called in to witness the processing of the Military Officer by Police.

A carton of beer found in the impounded ten seater will be used in court as exhibit.

He has been formerly arrested and charged and detained at Boroko Police Station. He is entitled to Police bail.

Photos from the scene of accident :

White ten seater Land Cruiser driven by Army Officer positioned where he bumped the rear of Police patrol vehicle

Interior of vehicle driven by Army Officer with beer cans

Police Media/ PNG Today

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