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Woman sentenced to 12 years Imprisonment

Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika said Papua New Guinea needs a law that should make unfaithful husbands accountable for their actions in murder cases.

Sir Gibbs said this is because they get away scot-free, which is not fair and just.

He made the remarks in the National Court in Waigani yesterday, when he sentenced Aileen Guina, aged 37, from Kivori village, Bereina, in Central Province, to 12 years imprisonment with hard labor.

The woman was charged with the murder of another woman, the late Belinda Kuson, on the 22nd of July in 2018, at 5 Mile, in Port Moresby.

Aileen Guina and the deceased were both married to Rodney Guina, where the prisoner was the first wife, with two children, aged 5 and 2-years respectively.

The incident occurred when the prisoner was looking for the husband and her eldest son and went to the deceased's rental property.

When she arrived, she saw her son outside and then walked up the stairs into the bedroom, where the victim, Rodney Guina the husband, and their two daughters, aged 2 years and 2 months respectively were.

When she found them in the bedroom, she started attacking the victim, and in the course, Aileen Guina stabbed the deceased on her left breast with a small kitchen knife.

The victim was rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Chief Justice also stated that the husband is partly to be blamed as well, as the extramarital affairs were a factor that contributed to this offense, and also he was present at the scene of the crime and did nothing to disarm the prisoner or stop her from doing what she did.

The court also stated that Rodney Guina must be responsible for the welfare and education of those 4 children- 2 from Aileen and 2 from the late victim.

The Court deducted one year- 2 months and 2 weeks for time spent in custody, and she will serve the remaining 10 years-2 months and 2 weeks with hard labor at the Bomana prison.

NBC News / PNG Today

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