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Murder Suspect Bhosip Kaiwi quarantined, normal prison process under COVID-19 pandemic says PNG Police boss Manning

COVID 19 Pandemic Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning says the Correctional Services has in place strict COVID-19 quarantine protocols for all new remandees or detainees going into prisons.

Mr Manning said this in response to concerns that the Bomana Prison facility is treating remandee Bhosip Kaiwi, charged this week for the killing of Jenelyn Kennedy different from others going into prison.

“I am advised by CS Commissioner Stephen Pokanis that all detainees admitted to the Bomana prison will be isolated at its designated isolation center for 14 days prior to release into the general prison population. The risk of the unknown is high within the detainee population and CS officers are working closely with Police and Health officials to manage this as any spread into the prison camps would be disastrous.

“Bhosip is just like any other suspect held in custody for further prosecution and Police have got the court remand order resulting in his transfer to the Bomana prison facility.

“I urged all concerned not to mislead the public. Get correct information from relevant authorities and do not create unnecessary anxiety and stress to the current situation. It is sensitive and police will do all it can in its powers to prosecute the case. I have given instructions for my officers to dig deeper into this tragic case and hold all others involved, including police, responsible if they had been negligent or failed to act appropriately or respond quickly when Jenelyn needed help,” Mr Manning said.

He commended the CS for its strict quarantine procedures for the health and security of prisoners from those going into prison amid the current pandemic. He further urged all institutions that accommodate a community of people such as universities and other education institutions, hospitals and others to implement strict health protocols for the safety of all citizens.

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