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Almost 80,000 Grade 10 Students Sit Written Expression Exam

Records from the Measurement Services Division of the Department of Education show that 79, 960 grade 10 students from 350 High and Secondary Schools sat for the Written Expression examination today.

Dr Kombra
Dr Kombra
Originally scheduled for the 4th of June by the MSD Calendar, it was postponed due to COVID-19, to give students & schools enough time to catch up with the lost instructional hours under the 'new normal' directives.

In the Nation’s Capital, Gordons Secondary School had 473 students sitting for this exam.

All desks and chairs were sanitized and students had their temperature taken and hands sanitized before entering the school grounds.

Principal George Kenega told PNGFM that students missed 6 weeks of school but once shift teaching started, the grades with exams were given 3 days a week, 50minute periods to cover the lessons missed.

“Once normal classes resumed, an extra period was added so students have 9 periods in a day to ensure they are ready for their exams.”

“I know my students will do well.”

“Teachers have worked really hard to prepare the students for the written expression exam by giving the students exercises and trial exams of precious year’s exam papers.”

Meanwhile, Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said all the Provincial Education Advisers, Provincial Examination Supervisors, Senior Secondary Schools’ Inspectors, Guidance Officers, Principals, Head Teachers of all Provincial High Schools and Secondary Schools must be vigilant and security conscious from the storage in school to actual completion of the Examination.

“Further, all Head Teachers, Principals and Deputies are advised to remain within the school campus during the conduct of all Examinations.”

Dr Kombra added, “I would like to thank all the parents, schools and education authorities for their commitment, hard work and support towards the effective running of our school systems during these trying times with the Covid-19 pandemic.” 


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