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1 dead, several houses damaged after earthquake in PNG's Northern Region

A female is been reported dead after a landslide triggered by the 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the remote Kendata village of Igaturu LLG, Northern Province.

The quake struck early last Friday, about 350 miles northwest of the capital, Port Moresby.

Northern provincial disaster Coordinator Nohoro Akai says the woman was in the garden when the landslide trebled and swept her into the Embere River

Her body was discovered by Kendata locals on Saturday.

The earthquake also partially damaged 14 houses in Kausada and Killerton villages in the Oro Bay district.

According to Akai, the epicenter of the earthquake was in Kokoda, and the shaking lasted around eight to 10 seconds.

He says an initial damage assessment will be carried out tomorrow (20 July, 2020) by officers from the sub district to verify damages in other wards and villages of the province.

He says reports are still sketchy but there is a possibility number of damages and casualties will increase.

Meanwhile, all business houses and districts offices in the province have been closed and will resume operations upon advised from the building inspection authority.

Akai has also confirmed that the province main water supplier has also been affected by the dirt caused from the landslide. PNGFM/PNG Today

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