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4 More new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in PNG : Manning Warns Public to observe control measures

COVID-19 National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning has issued a stern warning to the city residents around the country to strictly observe the COVID-19 control measures to stop the spread.

Controller Manning said this following four new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours.

Of this one was a health worker who travelled from Port Moresby to Lae in the Morobe Province to conduct a workshop whilst three others were from the National Capital District.

Mr Manning said the spike in the COVID-19 cases within a short period of time is evident of community transmission and warned city residents in the National Capital District and around the country to seriously observe the control measures and adapt the non-pharmaceutical practices immediately to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

“There is no time for petty politics and mud throwing. We are battling a pandemic crisis on our doorstep and it demands us to be vigilant and united to fight this virus.”

“All efforts are being made to contain the spread.”

“At this stage, we cannot say we have hot spots because we have cases coming from different parts of the city.”

”We are all at risk.” The key message is that you and I are at risk.”

”We must be mindful that it is spreading. Therefore, the message is for us to be vigilant to protect ourselves against this virus.”

“When you are vigilant and adhere to the health protocols on COVID-19 you are protecting yourself, your workmates, friends, family, community and the country.”

"We will start ramping up testing starting today; we are working on establishing more venues for quarantine, and building up the capacity of beds in the Tarauma Aquatic Centre and Rita Flynn courts.”

"We want Ito establish around 500 beds all up and increase the number of beds with ventilators so we can add 30 more to the current capacity.”

"It is important that all residents assist where they can to contributing to curb the spread.”

“From complying with directions for “masking“ to testing to abiding with Quarantine and Isolation Directions.”

Manning added that we all must play our part. Observation of compliance in day 2 has seen a general compliance to the Measures.

“We understand accessing Masks by the general population in the city is a challenge so the NCC is working with partners and SMEs to make masks available at a nominal cost to the public. This is an investment in your personal survival and must not be compromised.”

"The District Courts have been requested to continue their operations as they are an integral part to a Peaceful Society.”

"So in conclusion I call upon every citizen to be responsible and work with us to stop the spread of COVID-19."

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