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NCD Puts Cancer Awareness in the Spotlight

Active City Development Program's Niupela Pasin Walk️ and Yoga for Life platform has been dedicated to the Cancer awareness month, Pinktober.

On Sunday, thousands of city residents flooded the streets in a sea of pink to increase awareness.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop has been taking the lead in the citywide campaign.

He announced his initiative to paint the city with pink on Thursday to further the campaign. In that, everyone will be in pink.

"On Thursday the 22nd of October our NCDC staff will be wearing pink for the day and that I have requested all Government Departments, Corporate Entities, NCD PHA, Port Moresby General Hospital staff, PNGDF and CIS to wear pink on that day to draw more attention and action against cancer," said Governor Parkop.

During the month, awareness on all forms of cancer have been amplified with more emphasis on Mouth, Breast and Cervical cancers which collectively account for causing 20 deaths per day in the country.

Breast cancer kills 2 daily in PNG.

Spotlight has also been placed on how to take actions to reduce or end the statistics.

Speaking at the end of the program at the Sea Park (Bazaar) Market, Governor Parkop urged participants of WYFL to remain committed to the program so they achieve better outcomes for their health, wellness and fitness.

He cited them turning up faithfully to the program since its inception in 2014, keeps helping them to achieve their health goals.

"Use the same method in the walk to achieve their goals in other areas in life," he said.

He reiterated that there is no proven cure to treat cancers, saying: "Healthy lifestyle is one of the key means or strategies to prevent cancer. Healthy lifestyle means staying healthy, fit and well. The other strategies comprise of good healthy diet, early detection and treatment because cancer has no proven cure. Prevention is better than cure."

Governor Parkop said risk factors like smoking, chewing betel nut, drinking alcohol and over-weight should be stopped or reduced.


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