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Tambua Wins Goroka By-Election

 Papua New Guinea's ruling party Pangu candidate has been declared winner of the Goroka Open by-election. After the final elimination of 3rd placed Henry Ame, Pangu candidate Aiye Tumbua finished in first place polling 29,831 votes exceeding the absolute majority of 26,593.

Former Goroka MP and leader of New Generation Party, Bire Kimisopa finished second place polling 23,353 votes.

Tambua wins with difference of 6,478 votes.

Following the distribution of Ame's 19,928 votes, Aiye polled 4,608 and Bire polled 1,637 with the balance of 13,683 being declared exhausted.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister James Marape has congretulated Hon Aiya H Tambua for his win. "who says it was coincidental when your number drawn was 10 months before your declaration today" the prime minister posted via social media.

'You will now be serving our Goroka in the 10th parliament. You were declared today, the 10th day of the 10th month of 2020.

Nothing is coincidental, it is your Divine calling, your date with your Goroka people and your country begins on 10.10.2020.

You collected well from all parts of Goroka and so I look forward to assisting you serving all and whole of Goroka.

To all candidates, political parties and people of Goroka, I say thank you on behalf of Pangu Pati. All your supports were evident.

We will try our best to restore Goroka to it’s rightful place"

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