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VoNC: PNG PM Marape Remains Confident

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape said he remains confident he will survive a vote of no confidence next month.

He said he's also confident he's PANGU Pati led coalition government will be in power until 2022 and beyond.

Mr. Marape said he will bolster the numbers to remain as Prime Minister.

''With the strength of 31 members of Parliament from PANGU and members from coalition parties which adds up to around 90 members of Parliament.

''And so we are confident we will go past November, we are confident we will formulate a successful 2021 budget and we will be preparing well for 2022.

''I successfully worked the numbers for Mr. Peter O'Neill in the last 7 years and he has enjoyed his term as prime minister.

''I will now work my own number to defend my seat, that I can confidently tell the people of PNG,'' said Marape

NBC News/ PNG Today 

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