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Credibility Test for PNG Treasurer and Minority Government

 The recent political antics and rhetoric from the Marape government to try and justify the illegal recall of Parliament this week, and the improper passing of the budget, reminds me that at best politics might at times determine who has power, but not where truth lies.

That is my response to the absurdity of the comments the Treasurer has been making in media commentary.

We are now in a time when we see the Supreme Court being overwhelmed with applications and dealing with legal issues that seek to ensure due legal process is followed. This includes the authenticity of documents pushed around on social and mainstream media, such as the questionable Certificates Ling-Stuckey published are now under challenge.

The authors of Ling Sticky's Certificate of Necessity and Compliance will now have to tell their story in Court under oath.

And I am not afraid to say that not all is well on many fronts in government in Waigani right now.

The change in National leadership is justified, and it is happening by the weight of numbers of the majority of Members of Parliament who have agreed to form the new Government.

Poor and irresponsible management and the lack of leadership has reached a dangerous state in our country, with law making and decision procedures through the National Executive Council in some respect been abandoned.

Whether it's the Bills on the budget or any other Bill or contract, due process must be observed.

The Treasurer says a lot about our economy, and while I respect his right to have his views, he should have the courage to observe due process.

Over an extended length of time, I worked with my public officials to pass my ICAC Legislation for our country by following legal legislative procedures.

This is what the Treasurer should be doing, but it is clear that correct procedures have not been followed and legal requirements complied with.

As we have seen now, when the Nation's First Legislative Counsel's Office issues a Certificate of Compliance on a Bill that carries with it a disclaimer, it is very clear that something is wrong.

Further, when the State Solicitor Certifies Bills or documents and these are changed afterwards, it is very clear that something is terribly wrong in Waigani.

My Parliamentary colleague and good friend, the Member for Kavieng, knows only too well that due legal process has not been compromised.

Holding on to the position of Treasurer job appears to be the only motivation for my brother, the Member for Kavieng, who has become increasingly desperate as he feels that he cannot afford in the Opposition benches like others.

This is why the Treasurer forced through the passage of the people's money plan in the absence of the majority of elected leaders, without even the budget documents being present, meaning MPs could not even read detail on the legislation they voted for in the House.

We can see the stark difference between the way the budget was pushed through this week, and the open and consultative way in which the ICAC Legislation was developed, debated and properly approved by the Parliament.

For this bipartisan support, I again thank the Honourable Members on both sides of the House for properly reading, debating and subsequently passing the ICAC Bill.

Once I had fulfilled my commitment to successfully deliver the ICAC Legislation, I subsequently withdrew my support for PMJM in order to turn my attention to correcting the numerous failures in other areas of government.

While the outgoing government will not admit it, my resignation letter has been submitted and it should be accepted, because no pleading or promise could make me alter my decision.

Finally, I don't need the Treasurer, or anyone else, to lecture me on how to exercise the election mandate given to me by my people of Esa’ala.

I have exercised that mandate on the question of who leads the Nation in the interests of my people.

It is now for all Members and the people of our country, to await the outcomes of the various court challenges and their determinations on about what seems to me to be an overwhelming abuse of process.

Ian Ling-Stuckey and the mob can wait for the Court to speak on their actions. Action speaks louder than words, so provide your numbers on the floor of Parliament before you pretend to govern my country.

In the meantime, I am happy make my contribution from the Opposition benches as we prepare to form the new Government of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

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