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10 Alluvial Miners buried alive in PNG's Goilala District

 At least 10 local alluvial miners are believed to have been buried under thick layers of mud and debris following a landslide yesterday at Saki village in Goilala District, Central province, Papua New Guinea. 

The landslide took place between 4am and 5am in the morning when the miners were fast asleep in their tents at the alluvial mining site.

Goilala MP William Sumb

In a media conference today, Goilala MP William Sumb and Central Governor Robert Agarobe told the media that sadly there were no survivors reported.

Information is sketchy at this time and as such there is no specific details of people that have died and of those that are being affected at this time.

Saki village is situated between rugged mountains, and is only accessible by Helicopter. It takes 3 hours to walk from Tolokuma mine to the area.

Mr. Sumb highlighted that recent exposure to the weather pattern, deforestation and alluvial activities are some of the main triggers of the landslide.

A team from the Central District Development Authority will be accompanying Mr. Sumb to the area to assess the situation and to have a proper report compiled for the government.

Meanwhile, Governor Agarobe says he has arranged for a military explosive expert in-case there is a need to break through rumbles.

He says many local participate in alluvial mining and they are expecting a spike in the number of death from this land slip.

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