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18, 000 PPE's Awaiting Clearance

More than 18 000 Personal Protection Equipment including non- disposable PNG designed face marks are in holding with PNG Customs awaiting clearance letter from the pandemic Controller David Manning.

A citizen, Moses John Amaiu who is a master’s student studying abroad took it upon himself to bring the PPEs to help the front liners and the government fight the Coronavirus.

“When the PPEs arrived on a chartered plane at the Jackson’s International Airport on the 17th of September, I was advised that a clearance is needed to clear the PPEs. So I wrote to the Office of the Controller and the Prime Minister three times but there was no response,” Mr. Amaiu said.

Mr. Amaiu personally visited the Office of the Controller and talked to the point of contact but they are yet to get back to him regarding the clearance.

Its more than 3 months now since the PPEs arrived from Manilla and are still awaiting clearance from the Office of the Controller.

Mr. Amaiu is from Kompiam Ambum in the Enga province who return home from studies with more than 18,000 PPEs to donate to the government to assist in the COVID-19 measures.

Mr. Amaiu said the PPEs were purchased through friends in the Philippines and abroad after he helped the Pilipino when he was there.

And, he said this is a donation to the people of PNG on behalf of the 60,000 people of Kompiam Ambum in Enga province. 

“We love this government and the country and we are trying to help this government to manage COVID-19. This is not for monetary gain, the PPEs will be given to frontlines for free. 

I’ve done my part and I’d like to ask the pandemic Controller and the Prime Minister if they can direct the officers who have been delegated tasks to do their part and ensure that the PPEs are cleared,” said Mr. Amaiu.

He is appealing to the Controller to give him clearance for the release of the PPEs. 

Meanwhile, this newsroom has contacted the pandemic Controller David Manning for comments but he has yet to respond.

Since December 23rd, the country’s total positive COVID-19 case stands at 780 and 9 deaths.


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