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One dead in Port Moresby fatal crash involving Police Vehicle and PMV Bus

Commander of NCD/CENTRAL Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior said a policeman involved in the Waigani Boulevard fatal crash this morning,  was immediately arrested and detained by members of the Mobile Squad who were close by and responded to the scene of accident. 

Mr Wagambie said the policeman was believed to be under the influence of liquor and was driving a  ten seater land cruiser allocated  to Gordon Police Public Safety Unit, when he rammed into the PMV bus at intersection of the Waigani Boulevard. 

The Commander said the policeman will be suspended from official duties for criminal and disciplinary charges to be laid immediately immediately.

It is now confirmed that one young lady who was on the 25 seater bus has passed away while five others are with serious injuries. 

OIC Four Mile Traffic, Senior Inspector Joseph Salle who was at the scene of accident to ensure that attendance to the scene and compilation of information is done adequately, stated that preliminary findings are that the Policeman was under the influence of alcohol, speeding and rammed into the PMV bus after the bus had already crossed the interception. 

This intersection along the Waigani Boulavard, has caused many accidents as the Traffic lights are not working. 

It is important that drivers slow down, and observe before crossing. 

Inspector Joseph Salle also confirmed that a previous Police Accident where a CID vehicle was overturned by a drunk policeman has been dealt with. The Policeman has been arrested and charged for various offences and is now before the Court. 

ACP Wagambie assures the public that this will not go without being punished. 

ACP Wagambie has directed that the Policeman be kept in Police cell, until he is arrested and charged with suspension served on him. 

"We have been picking up in performance in the last 12 months, with increased Police response to incidents and trying to bridge the gap between community and Police. However there are a few who continue to be ill disciplined. These few like this one will not be given any leniency. He will be dealt with harshly to ensure that others like him know that they won't get away with it. Simple, straight forward discipline if followed will ensure nothing goes wrong. I will make sure that the Discipline process is swift with no delays"stated Mr Wagambie.

An Commissioned Officer who had crashed a vehicle belonging to Waigani Police last year has been terminated from the Constabulary after criminal and discipline process. 

It is now confirmed that casualties from the accident are : 

One young female deceased, three adult females critically injured and two children aged about 5 years old and a nine month old baby also in critical condition. 

Photo :  Accident Scene

Police Media

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