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GBV Committee Condenms Torture and Rape in Alotau,

The Special Parliamentary Committee on Gender-Based Violence has condemned the recent rape of a health worker in Alotau, Milne Bay Province and the torturing of two (2) women in Port Moresby over the weekend.

Committee Chair Charles Abel said this during the committee's meeting yesterday.

Mr Abel says such behaviour is unacceptable and uncalled for.

 ''Politically, we are calling on the concerned authorities and law enforcers to have those involved arrested, as their actions are of animals and unacceptable in the community,'' said Abel.  

The Committee has highlighted the importance of cases being properly investigated and actively prosecuted, adding that often many cases go unheard and the alleged perpetrators walk away freely.  

This comes after HEALTH workers from the Alotau General Hospital on Thursday marched in protest of a gang rape of a female nurse in the Milne Bay town. 

Local MP Charles Abel told the local media that the nurse was dropped off after her shift at 10pm.

Two suspects are now in police custody at the Alotau Police Station and police have started escorting the nurses’ vehicle during their drop off.

Abel didn’t elaborate further.

Acting regional police commander Chief Supt Rigga Neggi was yet to get a report from the Milne Bay police command of the incident from last Monday.

A health worker said four men were allegedly involved in the incident.

“She was among some of her colleagues in the bus for drop off after completing their shift at 10pm,” the health worker said.

“The bus went to Mutuyuwa Compound to drop off a staff.

“Just when the bus was about to leave, four suspects with two firearms came and stopped the bus.

“They beat up the driver and ordered everyone out of the bus.

“They pulled the nurse into a nearby bush and raped her.

“After raping her they let her go and escaped.

“Her colleagues took her into the bus and came back to the hospital for check up.

“The bus driver went to the police station and laid a complaint.”

The health worker said they staged the protest march to create public awareness that the public should look after the health workers because the health workers were serving them.

“We have a heart for the people and we always care for them when they come to receive medical treatment at the hospital,” the worker said.

“We are their friends and so we deserve their respect.”

Statement/TheNational/NBC/ PNG Today 

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