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TIPNG Concerned about the Lack of Coordination by PNG Electoral Commission

Anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International is calling on the PNG Electoral Commission to prioritise logistical coordination with partner agencies, to ensure that administrative issues do not deprive voters in the Moresby North West by-election from exercising their constitutional rights.  

PNG Electoral Commission Headquarters , Port Moresby
PNG Electoral Commission Headquarters , Port Moresby

TIPNG says it is very concerned there is a significant risk to the successful conduct of the by-election because of a lack of coordination and transparency by the PNGEC. 

TIPNG Board Chair Peter Aitsi says the right of voters to have free, fair and safe elections must not be diminished either through individual malice or organisational incompetence. 

Mr Aitsi says the risk of failure could be resolved if the PNGEC prioritizes logistical planning by improving coordination with the Provincial Election Steering Committee and the police force in the National Capital District.

TIPNG is making this call in light of updates received through the Provincial Electoral Steering Committee, with the objective to ensure the voters and the candidates are able to have full confidence in the conduct of the by-election. 

NBC News / PNG Today 

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