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Prime Minister Marape : PNG's Economy a National Priority

Managing the country’s economy is of national priority, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape told the United Nation’s General Assembly in New York, USA.

In order to do that the Prime Minister said, this involves building structures for engagement with the country’s partners and ensuring that the right enablers are were put in place to build and sustain a healthy economy.

Prime Minister Marape : PNG's Economy a National Priority . Photo , Changing face of Port Moresby Skyline (credit: PNG Today).

Furthermore, Marape said that involves, taking stock of PNG’s debt portfolios, reprioritizing expenditures and focusing on important reforms in the utilities sector, infrastructure, education and natural resources.

He told world leaders that economic management will involve taking a closer look at specific projects in the extractive industry and working with their proponents to see them come to stream.

Marape said the Government’s work in transparent stock take of its debt portfolios had resulted in attracting strong support from World Bank and the International Monitory Fund and had provided an important platform of support from Australia, Japan and other bilateral partners.

The Prime Minister said a key area of focus was the development of infrastructures through the “Connect PNG” initiative and delivery important services through whilst enhancing economic opportunities for the country’s citizens.

“This is the stimulus for economy transformation for our people,” Prime Minister Marape said.

Statement/The National / PNG Today

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