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National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch unseated

 National Alliance Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, who has held Aitape-Lumi’s seat for the last twenty years has lost his seat to the new PNC Party Candidate Anderson Mise this afternoon.

Mr Pruaitch who scored 9,924 votes lost his seat to Anderson Mise who scored 16,629 votes past the Absolute Majority of 13,277.

Total exhausted votes: 10,610.

 National Alliance Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch lost his seat [Parliament photo]

Despite Mr Pruaitch not being present during the declaration at 6.05pm this afternoon, Mise thanked Pruaitch for representing Aitape-Lumi in the Parliament over the last twenty years.

Mr Pruaitch is known as one of National Alliance’s powerhouse leaders across the country.

Mise thanked him for putting Aitape-Lumi on the World map and for being a leader that is well known throughout the country.

He (Mise) said Pruaitch did not only represent Aitape-Lumi but Papua New Guinea as a whole and he has held great respect for him.

Supporters of Mr Mise gathered around town to congratulate the new member elect amongst heavy security.

A Supporter (Mr Nelson Numara) said he is very happy that Mr Mise has taken the seat so that the people can see some new changes happening in the District.

Numara also thanked outgoing MP and National Alliance Party leader for the services that he has given to the people of Aitape-Lumi District.

Meanwhile, Mr Mise said he will seek advice and also work alongside Mr Pruaitch to bring development into the District.

FM 100 / PNG Today 

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