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Marape Government focusses on Strengthening Democratic Processes in PNG

One of the highest priorities of the PANGU-led coalition Government will be on strengthening the democratic processes of Papua New Guinea.

James Marape highlighted this during his maiden speech after his election and swearing in yesterday as Prime Minister of the country.

"Building a resilient economy is fundamental. Building economic infrastructures is fundamental. Addressing natural resource laws and how we harvest the benefits from these resources at the same time not chasing away our investors is fundamental. Addressing business and investment confidence is fundamental."

"Addressing law and order, working on education and health sector, strengthening institutions of State, Mr. Speaker, I propose to this house, three (3) years from 50 years of nationhood, it is time we this generation pick up the house and do major maintenance work again," said the Prime Minister.

Mr. Marape was elected unopposed as Prime Minister in the 11th Parliament, in an overwhelming show of support yesterday.

Ninety-seven MPs voted for and none against.

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