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PNG Reactivates Short Term Multiple Entry Business VISA

The Papua New Guinea Government has reactivated  t he Multiple entry component of the Short Term Business Visa  last week.

Deputy Prime Minister and Labour and Immigration minister John Rosso explains that reactivating the multiple entry component supports trade and investment in PNG.

Minister Rosso adds the reactivation also helps to restore international travel arrangements to pre- COVID19 settings.

He says facilitating business, trade and investment opportunities has been a priority for the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA).

The reactivation of the multiple entry component of the Short Term Business Visa for holders of valid passports means that people who intend to visit PNG for short term business activities will be allowed to travel into PNG on multiple occasions within a period of 12 months.

The maximum duration of each visit is 60 days.

Minister Rosso says this visa product complements the existing Single Entry Business Visa which has a duration of only 30 days.

Whilst the Short Term Business Visa seems efficient, frequent business travellers to PNG can also apply for an APEC Business Travellers Card which is an efficient option that allows travel between APEC countries for longer stays.

Labor and Immigration Minister John Rosso also confirmed that the Immigration and Citizenship Authority is currently reviewing several visa categories to better meet the changing needs of business travellers to PNG.

Picture: Minister Rosso (R) and Representatives from the Catholic Bishops Conference signing the MoU in Port Moresby.

 Picture Supplied by the office of the DPM

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