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PNG PM James Marape Denies Business Interests Amidst Allegations, Calls for Transparency

 In response to recent allegations circulating in political circles, Prime Minister James Marape has unequivocally stated that he is not involved in business ventures and has maintained financial transparency throughout his 18 years in elected office.

Addressing the claims, Prime Minister Marape affirmed, "I am not a businessman, and neither do I have an interest in business. I have never owned a company in the entire 18 years I have been in elected office." He urged those seeking clarity on his financial affairs to consult the Ombudsman, BSP, and Kina Bank, confirming that his accounts do not hold substantial amounts and that he sustains his livelihood from his official salary.

"I don't cut corners and make illegal directions for personal gains," asserted Marape, highlighting his commitment to ethical conduct in public service. He emphasized that his approach as a leader has consistently prioritized national interests over personal gains.

Throughout his political career, Marape outlined key accomplishments in various ministerial roles, underscoring his dedication to public service. As the Education Minister from 2008 to 2011, he implemented significant reforms in the education sector, addressing school dropouts and introducing STEM and SOE programs. During his tenure as Finance Minister, Marape initiated critical financial reforms, including prioritizing local contractors, halting Paraka payments, and implementing new procurement laws to curb corruption.

Dismissing the accusations as fabrications, Marape encouraged those spreading false information to submit their claims to relevant authorities such as the police, ICAC, and the Ombudsman. He expressed confidence that these independent constitutional offices would objectively assess any allegations.

Amidst challenges faced during his tenure, including economic recession, the COVID-19 pandemic, and political upheavals, Marape assured the public of his unwavering commitment to serving the country. "I am a public servant doing my best under tough times for our country," he affirmed.

As he faces a Vote of No Confidence (VONC) in 2024, Prime Minister Marape remains resolute, acknowledging the criticisms thrown his way but expressing confidence that his leadership team is dedicated to making Papua New Guinea better. "Dirt will fly, but I know in my heart I have not let you all and our country down," concluded Marape, emphasizing his continued commitment to the betterment of PNG.

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